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From this land of Cocula that is the soul of the mariachi…

History of the


“SalónTenampa” was founded in the year 1925by businessman from Cocula, Juan I. Hernández, along with the “Mariachi Cocula” of Concepción “Concho “Andrade and with the support of the “Mariachi Reyes” of José Reyes.

In that year started what very soon would become the musical tradition at the Plaza Garibaldi in México City.

With the passing of her husband, the establishment was taken over by the Tapatia (someone from Jalisco) Amalia Díaz, thus taking place one of Tenampa´s golden decade, the 40s.

It was in the same 40s that the so-called “Golden Decade of the Mariachi”took placeat the Plaza Garibaldi. To this day, many movies have been shot in this festive atmosphere, with the participation of many great actors fromthe Mexican cinema industry.

Tenampa hasserved also as an inspiration to many composers for their beautiful Ranchero songs. And for poets and writers it has lent itself as their ink´s imagination.

Sometime later, in 1976, the place was expanded to provide today’s look and feel. Several social, cultural and musical events have been held in its halls, such as the one that took place in October of 2005, to commemorate One-Hundred Years of Mexico City´s Mariachi.

After more than nine decades of existence, Salon Tenampa still provides toeach and every one of its visitors with the taste of the Jalisco Province and the influence of the musical inheritance that belongs to all of México.



José Alfredo Jiménez and Chabela Vargas (one of the main Mexican Folklore Music composers and performers of all times) wereamongst the favorite customers of Tenampa´s the Golden Age.

It is said that atThe Tenampa they got the inspiration to compose their music. José Alfredo Jiménez composed the song “My Tenampa” as a tribute to the home of hundreds of melodies.

Pedro Infante, the great representative of the Mexican vernacular music, filmed several movies at the Tenampa: The most emblematic is the movie “You had to be a gipsy”, in which he sings “MyTenampa” playing the role ofa mariachi from Salon Tenampa


Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, a regular customer of the Tenampa, used the Tenampa as the set for his movie “The Pasture”. Germán Valdez “Tin-Tan” did the same.

Luis Miguel, Óscar de la Renta, Regina Orozco, Laura León, Steven Baldwin, Enrique Bunbury, Gloria Trevi, Paulina Rubio, Ricardo Arjona, Joaquín Sabina, Forrest Whitaker, Jaime Camil y Omar Chaparro, María de Lourdes, Jorge Negrete, Miguel Aceves Mejía, Agustín Lara, Pedro Vargas, Enriqueta Jiménez, Amalia Mendoza and Lola Beltrán are just a sample of the manystarsthathaveenjoyedTenampa´s essence.